Major Minor: Key Signature Game (Bass)

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Major/Minor is a Key Signature Game that can be played with 2 to 4 players for teams.


32 cards (16 red major cards, 16 blue minor cards)



Complete the cycle of key signatures in the shortest time.



1. Determine if you are playing all major and minors, or just the majors. 

2. If only playing with the majors, remove the card that says “Find A minor” and all of the blue cards.

3. If playing both major and minors, remove the red card that says stop.

4. Each player/team is dealt a card until all the cards have been dealt. (It doesn’t matter if each has the same number of cards).

5. Each player/team turns all cards face up in front of them.



The player/team who has the “START” card begins and reads the bottom of the card out loud. “Find A Major.”

All players/teams look over their cards and the player/team who has the treble clef displaying A Major says, “I have A Major,” and then proceeds to read the bottom of their card. After which, the card is turned over thus making it easier to identify the remaining key signature cards.  

Play proceeds until the “Stop” card is reached.

There are no winners and losers in this game. All players work together to complete the cycle as fast as possible.

As players develop confidence in the game, a timer can be used to time the cycle. Players then try to reduce their overall playtime.

While students are learning, the teacher or parent can prompt by saying "A major has 3 sharps."